As we are all well aware, the pandemic has left us having to make lots of changes to a lot of things in our day-to-day lives. All of these things are done in effort to keep yourself as well as everybody around you safe. Here at Wags Cabs, we have had to make changes to our services and the way we operate so that we can do so safely and ensure that all of our drivers along with our clients are safe and are complying with the Covid 19 guidelines.

This has meant taking extra measures to ensure that we as a company, along with all of our clients, are following the new rules set by the government. As a result of this, all passengers (unless exempt) must wear a mask during travel. It is essential that everybody does this as it is now a legal requirement and an extra measure to ensure the safety of everybody traveling. 

It’s the law 

It has now become the law that when you travel in a taxi or in any form of public transport, you must wear a face covering. This is compulsory and means that without a face covering, you will not be permitted entry to our taxis for your journey. Though this is due to the fact it would be against the law, it is also for the safety of our drivers. We can only operate our service if we are doing so safely, and this means following the legal requirements around travel that have now been put in place. 

We want to operate a safe and secure taxi service

Given the current circumstances, safety is of paramount importance to us. We are doing everything we can to make sure that our service does not come at the risk of the safety of our drivers or passengers. Therefore, we are strongly enforcing the rule of having to wear a mask or face covering during travel. 

Masks are a good barrier in preventing the spread of the virus. This is very important to us along with the additional safety measures we have in place, including limited numbers for travel and regular cleaning and disinfecting our vehicles and door handles. 

Taxis are considered public transport 

Here in the UK, taxis are deemed as public transport. Therefore, we fall under the same rules and legal requirements that buses, trains and planes do. This means it is against the law to travel in a taxi without wearing a face covering. As taxis are communal and have different people traveling in them all the time, it is important that we follow the same rules and guidelines as all other forms of public transport in ensuring that social distancing as well as safety measures are as good as can be and that we are operating a safe service that is going to make our drivers and passengers feel comfortable and secure. 

Here at Wags Cabs we have been working hard to put extra safety measures in place. If you would like to speak to us about booking a taxi or private hire vehicle, simply get in touch with us by calling 01638 611145 and we will be more than happy to help.