Over the last few years, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of a new kind of private hire service, the ride share app. Ride share apps, such as Uber and Bolt, allow users to book a private hire car from their phone, with payment taken online once the journey is complete.

While these services have received praise for their speed and convenience, there’s still plenty of reasons why you’re better off with a traditional taxi service.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your usual private hire service just yet!

Traditional Taxi Services Are Far More Reliable

While it may feel convenient to be able to order a car through an app on your phone, this process isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

For one thing, only being able to order through an app means that you are unable to order a car without the use of WiFi or 3G/4G connection, which isn’t reliable everywhere. Should you find yourself in an area with weak 3G signal and no open internet connection nearby, you will find it difficult even to use the app – let alone get into contact with your driver if any issues occur before they arrive.

There’s also no option to speak to a live operator, making it difficult to clarify a pick-up point. The app tends to determine the pick-up point based on a general estimate of your location through your phone’s GPS service, but these location services are rarely completely accurate, leaving you wandering around your location in an attempt to determine where your driver is parked.

Furthermore, if your driver is left waiting for more than a few minutes in a situation where you are struggling to find them, they are able to cancel your journey – which, with many ride share apps, means that the customer incurs a charge that can only be refunded through the app’s customer service system.

No such problems are faced with a traditional taxi service – simply dial the number, speak to an operator and clarify a suitable pick-up point. Should you struggle to find the driver once he has arrived, you can simply call back and will be updated on their whereabouts. In this case, traditional taxi services win out on convenience and reliability every time!

Traditional Taxi Drivers Have Far More Experience

Many drivers who work through ride share apps lack the years of experience that many traditional taxi drivers have.

Traditional taxi drivers tend to work a much smaller area, usually the area which they live in themselves. With this in mind, they are far more well-versed in where everything is and will likely know the way to your destination without any need for directions from the customer.

Years of practice also mean that traditional taxi drivers usually know how to provide a friendlier, more personal experience to their customers – you can always expect a friendly conversation with your well-know local taxi driver.

In the case of ride share drivers, many have only been doing the job for a short amount of time, for which they’ll have usually relied on satellite navigation devices for directions. There’s also often a much less personal experience in terms of conversation and friendliness, as this is certainly something that you learn as you go along in the private hire business.

Traditional Taxi Services Are Priced More Consistently

The cost of a traditional taxi service is generally more consistent.

Base fares do tend to be tiered throughout the day. For example, if a taxi determines its fares through a meter, then the meter may start at £2.25 before midnight, but start at £2.50 after midnight. However, once this base fare is covered, the meter tends to run at the same time/price point throughout the day or night.

With the majority of taxi companies, there is no difference in price depending on the type of taxi you are riding in – whether you’re in a regular saloon car, traditional black cab or minibus, you can usually expect to pay the same.

Ride share apps do not tend to share the same level of consistency.

With one leading ride share app, users are charged a base fare (determined based on the time and distance of the trip) alongside an additional booking fee, which varies depending on the area that you are booking from. After this, you can be expected to see a surge in the cost of the service at times of heavy traffic – but not in the same way as the tiered base fare system of traditional taxi companies.

With many ride share apps, pricing surges are unpredictable throughout the day. It isn’t a case of fares always being higher at a particular time of day – it’s simply whenever there is heavy traffic in the area. As this varies from day to day, it’s impossible to predict whether you’re booking your ride during a price surge.

In addition, customers can expect to pay extra for certain types of car, much to the annoyance of anyone looking to book a regular saloon car at a time when there simply aren’t any available.

If it’s transparent pricing you’re looking for, you’re better off with a taxi company.

Traditional Taxi Companies Have Stood The Test Of Time

While there’s no doubt a lot more competition out there since the launch of ride share apps, it hasn’t dampened the popularity of the traditional taxi company.

Taxi services have been around for years, with the first meter taxi services operating from as early as 1907. In the hundreds of years since, the local taxi company has become a staple of areas throughout the country, with residents in many towns being well-acquainted with their local drivers.

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