Here at Wag’s Cabs, we offer a range of different transportation services, whether you’re looking for private hire cars, airport transfers or transport for weddings and other events. However, one other great service that we offer is transport to and from sporting events of many different kinds!

Every vehicle in our luxury transport fleet can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers, making our service ideal for those who are looking to hire transport for teams travelling to sports events in East Anglia and the surrounding areas, including Newmarket, Cambridge, Norwich and Ipswich.

Here are just a few reasons why you should let Wags Cabs transport your team to events in upcoming sports seasons!

Bring The Team Back Together

Some of the best bonding experiences within a sports team are the journeys to different events, with the journey providing the perfect opportunity for team building and pep talks ahead of the event itself. In a time where group sports have been off the table for so long, that’s never been more important!

Travelling together as a team provides everyone with a chance to build morale and inspire confidence ahead of an event, so it makes far more sense than players making their own way to the event and attempting to boost morale in the changing room within just a few minutes of time.

Why not travel together as a team and make it another part of an enjoyable experience? It’ll certainly make the journey back a lot more celebratory and fun if your team find that they have some luck out on the field, the court or the stage that day!

Group Travel Is Simpler

The last thing anyone wants as the head of a sports team is to arrive at an event, only to find that one member of the team is running behind and will be unable to arrive at the event on time, throwing pre-made plans into chaos.

By travelling all together in one of our private hire vehicles, you ensure that each and every member of your team arrives to your big sporting fixture on time, eliminating the need for worry and the chance that your star player could be caught in traffic along the way!

Don’t tell everyone to make their own way and hope for the best – let Wags Cab professional private hire drivers get you there.

Group Travel Is More Eco-Friendly

We’re all looking to improve our carbon footprint these days, so travelling to your group sporting event in several separate vehicles seems incredibly backwards.

By deciding to travel in one vehicle as a group, you are slashing the negative effect that your team travel could be having on the environment – a great example to set if you are the head of a team of young people.

In a time when being environmentally friendly is so incredibly important, show that your team know how to do their little bit for the planet by travelling all together as a group. Not only is it better for the planet, but you’re sure to find that it’s much better for the team as a whole, too.

Our Rates Are Competitive And Affordable

When split between a team of eight passengers, our rates are unbelievably affordable!

With each member of the team travelling in their own cars, you’ll find that you likely spend more on petrol than you would on your share of a private hire vehicle. As for taking public transport, is the rush of catching buses and trains really what you want ahead of representing your team in an important sports event?

Why not gather the team and split the cost of one of our luxury private hire vehicles to take you to and from your next sporting event? We’re sure that each and every member of the team will consider it a decision well-made.

The low cost of hire for one of our vehicles also means that it is reasonably affordable should your team need two cars to cover their transport to the event. The hire cost for two of our luxury private hire vehicles is likely still much more affordable than the cost of a coach or bus, which can also often be much too large for the number of players on the average sports team.

Hiring one (or even two) of our luxury private hire vehicles will give your team the space that they need and the chance to build morale ahead of an important sporting event – whilst also making sure that each and every person gets there on time! It’s also a lot more affordable than you may imagine.

If you’re the head or a member of a sports team – whether it’s football, rugby, dance, hockey, etc. – then why not consider travelling to your next sports event in style with Wags Cabs private hire?

Get in touch via our website today and find out exactly what we can do to help you and your team on the journey to your next big game!